20 Fun Things to Do in Ubud, Bali

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Discover the Top 20 Fun Things to Do in Ubud, Bali for Every Traveler

Ubud is a serene and culturally rich destination known for its lush landscapes, vibrant arts scene, and spiritual heritage. This enchanting town showcases a harmonious blend of breathtaking natural beauty and diverse cultural experiences, making it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an authentic and immersive Bali experience.

Ubud’s picturesque surroundings are characterized by emerald-green rice terraces that contribute to the town’s serene ambiance. Visitors can embark on leisurely walks or bike rides through the scenic countryside, offering a glimpse of traditional Balinese life and stunning panoramic views. Furthermore, Ubud’s artistic legacy is prominently featured in its numerous art galleries, where travelers can admire a wide array of traditional and contemporary Balinese artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and artisan crafts.

For those seeking spiritual enrichment, Ubud is renowned for its spiritual retreats, yoga studios, and holistic healing centers. The town offers an ideal environment for meditation, self-reflection, and rejuvenation, attracting wellness enthusiasts from around the world. Additionally, Ubud is home to the sacred Monkey Forest, a tranquil sanctuary where visitors can observe indigenous macaques in their natural habitat amidst ancient temples and lush foliage.

Furthermore, Ubud’s culinary scene is a delightful fusion of local flavors and international influences, featuring an abundance of organic cafes, traditional warungs, and fine dining establishments. Travelers can partake in culinary tours, cooking classes, and vibrant food markets to savor the rich tapestry of Balinese cuisine.

Exploring Ubud’s surrounding areas reveals captivating attractions such as the Tegenungan Waterfall, Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), and the Tegalalang Rice Terraces, each offering unique perspectives of Bali’s natural and historical wonders. Outdoor enthusiasts can also embark on adventurous hikes, river rafting excursions, and visits to nearby traditional villages, where ancient customs and indigenous craftsmanship endure.

In summary, Ubud presents a wealth of enriching experiences for travelers, from its scenic landscapes and artistic pursuits to its spiritual sanctuaries and culinary delights. Whether seeking relaxation, cultural immersion, or outdoor exploration, Ubud offers a multifaceted destination that is sure to captivate and inspire visitors from all walks of life.

  1. Explore the Ubud Monkey Forest
    This lush, sacred sanctuary is home to over 700 Balinese long-tailed monkeys and is surrounded by ancient temples and serene pathways for a unique wildlife encounter.
    Tip: Be cautious with personal belongings as the monkeys can be mischievous.

    Monkey Forest Ubud
    Image Source : Nick Fewings – Unsplash 
  2. Visit the Tegalalang Rice Terraces
    Marvel at the iconic terraced landscapes that depict Bali’s agricultural ingenuity, offering breathtaking panoramas for photography and a glimpse into traditional farming techniques.

    Ubud Rice Terrace by Frans Daniels - Unsplash
    Image Source : Frans Daniels – Unsplash
  3. Discover Balinese Art at ARMA Museum
    The Agung Rai Museum of Art showcases an extensive collection of Balinese and Indonesian art, including paintings, sculptures, and traditional textiles, providing a comprehensive overview of the region’s artistic heritage.

  4. Attend a Traditional Balinese Dance Performance
    Experience the beauty and grace of Balinese dance through captivating performances at various venues in Ubud, featuring intricate costumes, expressive storytelling, and live gamelan music.

  5. Wander through Ubud Traditional Art Market
    Immerse yourself in a vibrant shopping experience at this bustling market, where you can browse an array of locally crafted souvenirs, textiles, jewelry, and Balinese handicrafts while practicing your bargaining skills.

  6. Visit the Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)
    Explore this ancient archaeological site adorned with intricate stone carvings and a meditative cave, offering insight into Bali’s rich historical and cultural heritage.

  7. Marvel at the Tegenungan Waterfall
    Bask in the serene beauty of this magnificent waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery and natural pools for a refreshing dip, providing a tranquil retreat from the bustling city.

  8. Participate in a Traditional Balinese Cooking Class
    Delve into the flavors of Balinese cuisine through a hands-on cooking class, where you’ll learn about local ingredients, traditional cooking methods, and cultural significance of each dish before indulging in your culinary creations.

  9. Explore the Sacred Ubud Palace (Puri Saren Agung)
    Admire the intricate Balinese architecture and ornate design of this royal residence, steeped in history and offering regular cultural performances and exhibits.

    Gate of Ubud Palace
    Image Source : Wikipedia
  10. Embark on a Cycling Tour through Ubud’s Countryside
    Enjoy a leisurely bike ride through lush rice paddies, charming villages, and scenic vistas, offering an intimate glimpse into rural Balinese life and agricultural traditions.

  11. Take a Yoga or Wellness Retreat
    Ubud is a renowned center for wellness and self-discovery, offering an array of yoga studios, meditation centers, and holistic retreats catering to various levels of experience and spiritual enrichment.

    Yoga at Ubud
    Image Source : Jared Rice – Unsplash
  12. Bathe in the Tirta Empul Holy Water Spring
    Partake in a cleansing ritual at this sacred water temple, where visitors can immerse themselves in natural spring water believed to possess purifying and healing properties.

  13. Indulge in a Spa Day
    Unwind and rejuvenate at one of Ubud’s world-class spas, offering a range of traditional Balinese massages, holistic treatments, and luxurious wellness experiences amidst serene natural settings.

  14. Visit the Blanco Renaissance Museum
    Explore the former home and studio of the late artist Antonio Blanco, housing an extensive collection of his provocative paintings, sculptures, and illustrated poetry within a stunning hillside estate.

    Blanco Renaissance Museum Ubud by Eugenia Clara - Unsplash
    Image Source : Eugenia Clara – Unsplash
  15. Join a Volcano Hike
    Adventure seekers can embark on a trek up Mount Batur or Mount Agung to witness a breathtaking sunrise over Bali’s volcanic landscapes and experience the island’s natural beauty from a unique vantage point.

  16. Dine at Ubud’s Culinary Hotspots
    Savor the diverse flavors of Balinese and international cuisine at the town’s renowned restaurants, organic cafes, and street food vendors, showcasing a fusion of traditional recipes and creative culinary innovations.

  17. Meditate at the Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple
    Find serenity at this tranquil water temple nestled in a lush valley, featuring captivating shrines, tranquil ponds, and a tranquil atmosphere ideal for meditation and introspection.

  18. Raft Down the Ayung River
    Embark on a thrilling rafting adventure through the scenic Ayung River, surrounded by tropical rainforest and waterfalls, offering an exhilarating and memorable excursion for outdoor enthusiasts.

  19. Explore the Kecak Fire Dance at Pura Dalem Taman Kaja
    Witness the enchanting Kecak Fire Dance, a traditional Balinese performance accompanied by mesmerizing chants and dramatic fire displays, capturing the essence of Balinese mythology and spirituality.

  20. Attend a Batik Workshop
    Discover the intricate art of traditional batik-making at a local workshop, where you can create your own batik masterpiece under the guidance of skilled artisans and gain insight into this ancient textile tradition.

These activities offer a diverse and immersive experience in Ubud, catering to a wide range of interests and passions while showcasing the town’s rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty.
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